I was born in 1960, am married with 3 married children and five grandchildren. We live in Devon where my husband is a vicar. I started enjoying drawing when at school, where I did an art 'O'level.  I continued my studies in child care and pursued jobs in that field, I didn't draw for many years.  In 1999, whilst my husband was training for ordination into the Anglican Church I was diagnosed with a slow growing brain tumour called acoustic neuroma, which left me with a deaf ear, an eye that doesn't cry and needs a weight to close, tinnitus and a facial palsy. To cut a very long story short  art became part of my recovery,  I started a short evening class and felt that I had been missing something that I was meant to be doing. A year after the operation  I saw an advert for 'A' level art at the local college and decided to join. I haven't looked back and now by starting with drawing my grandchildren, I now take commissions for portraits from photos. 
There is a message I send with all my pictures, and that is
'We are God's Masterpiece' from Ephesians Chapter 2v10 in the Holy Bible. It is a message that meant something to me whilst I was in  recovery with a half paralyzed face and not looking like anything I recognised, and certainly not a 'masterpiece' as the world would have it.
We are all God's masterpiece.

I also work in other mediums. I have a selection on postcards and prints to purchase.